Yoconut (Local)

is a plant-based food innovation company. We are people obsessed about creating delicious food that is healthy and allergy friendly (safe). That means, aside from coconuts, you will never find any of the big 8 most common food allergens in our foods. 

Location: San Francisco, California

Our Founding Story

Our founder, Bonnie loves to eat. As a child, she would have food in one hand while steering her bicycle with the other one. Her first question upon picking up running was what she can eat. Magazines upon magazines suggested yogurt. But dairy just didn’t agree with her body. After talking to many people, she realized the solution to this may just be that the world needs a better yogurt!

Through luck, she met two food scientists, and together they worked for 3 years turning all parts of coconuts into tasty and creamy yogurt, without any added sugar. Plus, it has naturally occurring electrolytes that are great for everyday hydration and pre or post workout.

The World Needs a Better Yogurt

At Yoconut Dairy Free ("YoconutDF"),  we call it a super-snack! it’s so tasty that it was nominated for the Veggie Award for “Best Vegan Yogurt” every year since it launched (in 2016 and 2017).

We like to think every time you peel open a Yoconut Dairy Free coconut yogurt, you ignite a new possibility while nurturing your health and happiness. 

Love from Yoconut Dairy Free kitchen,


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