• Organic Heirloom Wheat - Sonora Wholegrain - Capay Mills
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Organic Heirloom Wheat - Sonora Wholegrain - Capay Mills

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Locally grown and milled heirloom wholegrain wheat.

Sonora white spring wheat may be the first domesticated wheat introduced to the New World. It thrived in the desert conditions of the Northern Mexico and Southern U.S., which is one reason flour tortillas remain a staple in the region. 

Sonoras light bran and medium hardness make it a wonderful whiole grain flour that can be substituted for unbleached all purpose flour in most recipes. It has a clean light flavor with a warm toast aroma when being milled or in the oven.

Great for baguettes, pizza dough breads and more. Sonara is beloved by profession artisan bread makers as well as  discerning home bakers


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