• Uncured Pork Jowl bacon (Guanciale)
The Smoking Goose

Uncured Pork Jowl bacon (Guanciale)

  • $2.99 8 oz

Smoking Goose's Jowl Bacon is umami-rich and super-savory, here to dress up your weekend brunches, pasta carbonaras, sauces, roasts, and more. This fatty cut will cook down significantly, so be sure to save the rendered bacon fat for frying potatoes, eggs, or any dish that needs a boost of flavor—we recommend using a sturdy metal tin or waiting until the fat has cooled and then pouring it into a glass jar. All Smoking Goose meat comes from small family-owned farms, who don't use antibiotics, growth hormones, or gestation crates. The bacon is cured with only naturally occurring nitrites or nitrates.

Ingredients: pork jowls, sea salt, cane sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, spices (coriander, black pepper), vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt).


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