• Delaware Fireball salami - Smoking Goose 5 oz
The Smoking Goose

Delaware Fireball salami - Smoking Goose 5 oz

  • $2.99 8 oz

One of the signature salumis created at Goose the Market, Smoking Goose’s butcher shop on Delaware Street in Indianapolis, this crepinette salame has is amazingly flavorful and a spiciness that creeps up on you slowly and pleasurably.  Coarse ground pork is blended with crushed red pepper, black pepper, espellette, and cayenne, then hand wrapped in caul fat before getting cold smoked over hickory and aged. Easy to slice and ideal for snacking, try paired with blue cheese to temper the heat on your next charcuterie board!

Ingredients: uncured pork salame, red chilies, espelette, caul fat, cold-smoked.


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