• Meatballs - vegan - Beyond Meat brand
Beyond Meat

Meatballs - vegan - Beyond Meat brand

  • $10.99 10 oz

Yes, you can have it both ways! You can have your meatballs and feel good about it too!

These meatballs have a ‘juicy, meaty taste and texture, are pre-seasoned with a blend of Italian spices for  a versatile flavor profile perfect for pastas, sandwiches, pizzas, soups and more’ are free of cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones.

The Beyond Meatballs are 12 meatballs crafted from plant protein, meaning they packs a major protein punch (20g of plant protein) with no soy, gluten, or GMOs, but most importantly, they cook up like a traditional meatball and tastes great, too. Be the meat-alternative hero of your summer dishes with these plant-based meaty balls!

Ingredients: water, pea protein isolate, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, Italian spices


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