• Organic black heirloom chickpeas - dried beans - one pound
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Organic black heirloom chickpeas - dried beans - one pound

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Small Town Specialties Heirloom Black Chickpea (Garbanzo Bean) These originated in Kabul Afghanistan, but were grown here locally in Colusa County, CA. What started as an experiment with just a handful of beans, became a hobby with a flourishing crop. We are excited to introduce these Heirloom Black Chickpeas, to the local food market and throughout the US.

These Heirloom Black Chickpeas are a smaller bean, with a firm texture, and have a smoky flavor that is memorable. Non-Gmo and Gluten-free! 

These beans are dried, so the shelf life is a couple of years, if kept in a cool dry environment.

These are your typical dried bean. So please sort, rinse, and soak overnight before cooking.

There are many different ways to cook/use these chickpeas:

  • Throw some in a crockpot with your favorite broth, onions, spices and bay leaf
  • Cowboy Caviar- a crowd favorite appetizer! Check out our Pinterest for recipe
  • Roasted Chickpeas- a great snack or appetizer!
  • Chickpea burgers- a vegetarian patty, also on our Pinterest. 
  • Chickpea "Meatless" balls- 
  • Chickpea "flourless" chocolate brownies.

Small Town Specialties is a family owned and operated business. With our knowledge/experience we are passionate about bringing you Non GMO, and Gluten-free products directly from the farm to the consumer.


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