• Organic Maple Syrup - Ginger Root Infused - 250 ml
Runamok Maple

Organic Maple Syrup - Ginger Root Infused - 250 ml

  • $11.99 250 ml

Organic Ginger Root Infused Maple Syrup

They use fresh, organic ginger to create this spicy and addictive syrup.  It is delicious on pancakes and waffles, of course, but it is also great in tea, pastries, vinaigrettes, stir-fry or as a glaze.  With a serious ginger kick, it can stand up to spirits and will add an exotic and sweet element to cocktails. We are excited to announce our Ginger Root has been awarded a "Best New Product" from the Specialty Food Association's "sofi" award in the Dessert Sauce, Topping & Syrup category.

Serving Size 2 Tbsp (30ml)  Servings Per Container  about 8 Calories 110 Total Fat 0g (0% Daily Value) Sodium 0mg (0%) Total Carbohydrate 27g (10%) Sugars 24g Protein 0g Calcium 30mg (2%) Potassium 90mg (2%)


Gluten Free Condiment Sweetener Natural Sweetener

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