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Teahive cheddar - Beehive Cheese Co

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Utah cheddar rubbed with Earl Grey

Winner of 9 major awards 

Teahive is a “feel good” cheese. The soothing qualities of tea and the relaxing properties of bergamot combine to produce a lovely cheese with the rich fragrance of orange blossoms in April.

What does it taste like?

Sweet and creamy, this Jersey cow’s milk cheese immediately delights the palate and the complexities of the tea-rubbed rind continue through the finish.

TeaHive is a cheddar-style, aromatic cheese made with pasteurized Jersey milk. It is produced by Beehive Cheese Company in Utah, United States. A mixture of black tea and bergamot orange is hand-rubbed on a one-day-old cheese and allowed to mature for over 8 months in a humidity controlled facility.

pasteurized cows' milk, 4 oz wedge


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