Three Trees (Local)

Location: San Mateo, California

Jenny Eu is the founder and CEO of Three Trees, an organic premium nut milk company. I’ve watched her will the brand and its products into existence from her early days at Kitchen Town Central, a Bay Area commercial kitchen and food incubator, to her search for a co-packer. Today, her products are on the shelves of many of the best-known specialty retailers.

As a child, Jenny would go on hikes with her grandmother. Together they would pick seeds, leaves, and roots of various plants and create all types of healthful concoctions.

Inspired by her grandmother’s philosophy on food, Three Trees is a company committed to producing plant-based foods with simple and accessible ingredients.

Jenny has worked for Nestle and as a management consultant. She received both her bachelors and masters from Stanford. So, what makes a person jump off the corporate merry-go-round and climb aboard the entrepreneurial rollercoaster? I decided to ask, and I hope you enjoy her answers.