Mi Rancho

Hard work and dedication helped Mi Rancho become a fixture in Oakland as the best place to find Mexican chiles, spices and fresh tortillas. When Ofelia Berber began serving lunch, Mi Rancho became a lunch-time hotspot with lines of people wrapped around the block.

Mi Rancho continued to grow once they began supplying tortillas and chips to local restaurants, expanding beyond the walls of the Seventh Street grocery store. It soon became clear that the future of Mi Rancho was as a premium tortilla manufacturer. In 1992, Manuel Berber took over the family business as owner and president. Under his leadership, Mi Rancho expanded not just within California, but throughout the nation and internationally. In 2010, Mi Rancho sought to make a super-premium tortilla available to the masses, launching a line of shelf-stable organic and simply authentic tortillas. Today Mi Rancho produces over 4.5 million tortillas a day; roughly 1.3 billion tortillas each year.