Newfangled Confections

What is Frittle? It’s the perfect marriage of peanut fudge and brittle – how convenient that it was initially created for a wedding!

Shortly thereafter, Carrie Abbott took her creation and founded Newfangled Confections in 2012 – based in Indianapolis- a candy company that is a contemporary return to blast-from-the-past candies with a dash of love and nostalgia. Candymaker Carrie Abbott’s modern take on grandma’s candy dish favorites is inspired by fond childhood memories that included many trips with her grandfather to Hook’s Drugstore in the late 1970s.

As more and more people enjoyed her handcrafted confections, Carrie’s dream was to bring more gourmet confectionary products to her customers that would bring diversity in texture, look, and taste. In early 2020 her dream moved forward as she acquired a local artisan chocolatier, “Best Chocolates In Town,” to bring a number of delicious chocolate treats to the Newfangled product line such as the signature chocolate pies, truffles, caramels, handmade bars and other chocolate delights.

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