Kumu Farms

Hawaii has always been a naturally great place for Organic farming.

Kumu Farms started as a small family farm on the island of Molokai in 1981 growing specialty produce such as culinary herbs and peppers for the local market. 

We now grow both organic & conventional produce, and are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. On Molokai we grow GMO-Free (Organic and Conventionally Grown) Sunrise Papaya, as well as bananas and other fresh produce for the local and US market. 

Our Maui location at Maui Tropical Plantation began in 2011 and officially opened in the winter of 2012. In Waikapu, Maui, we grow a variety of fresh produce such as lettuces, kale, corn, eggplants, carrots, bananas, fennel and a variety of culinary herbs. 

We sell all of our products direct-to-consumer at both our Molokai and Maui locations, as well as to private business and to retail locations across Hawaii and the mainland. 

Our Maui Pavilion is open Monday through Saturday and our Molokai Pavillion is open Tuesday-Friday, offering a variety of specialty produce and locally sourced goods.