Runamok Maple

Eric and Laura Sorkin have a unique approach to a time-honored tradition. Their farm company, Runamok Maple, produces infused, smoked and barrel-aged maple syrup along with pure maple, which they call “Sugarmaker’s Cut.” “We love pure maple syrup but have discovered that the potential for taking it in new directions is limitless,” they tell us.  Some of the flavors they marry their syrups with, like vanilla, are tried and true; others are unexpected and amazing, like their Makrut lime-leaf infused barrel-aged syrup. The hope is that people will see the vast possibilities of maple syrup, not just as a natural sweetener, but also get creative with it in their cocktails, baking, grilling marinades, vinaigrettes and more.  

Best of all, their infused maple syrups are produced with solar power to reduce carbon footprint, thanks to the panels they installed on their facility’s rooftop. The habitat they preserve makes excellent homes for migratory birds as well as indigenous wildlife. The post-infused ingredients and barrels get passed along to other food and beverage producers to help reduce food production waste.