Frequently Asked

Ordering & Subscriptions
+What if I need to leave for vacation or if my schedule changes?

You can easily change or suspend your service to fit your schedule or vacations in your account online or by “contacting us”. To make changes online, log in and visit your Account ?? page and select ??. We will hold all deliveries until your return.

+Who we are, and where your grocery money goes...

We bring the farm, the dairy, the beekeeper, the butcher, the ‘best of the farmers market’ directly to your table/doorstep. The dollars you spend help local farm workers learn to start their own organic farm businesses, and to support local food artisans in our community.

+How does our delivery service work?

You choose a box type, size and a delivery frequency that best fits your lifestyle - for both family and offices. Beginning every Wednesday at 3pm, we encourage you to choose the contents of your farm box from our weekly selection of organic produce, as well as adding delightful items from our curated ‘best of the farmers market’ foods. You have until Sunday at noon to make your final selection.

+Don’t have a chance to choose the produce in your farm box?

No problem, we make a weekly selection based on what’s fresh and exciting, as well as the type of box you ordered. Those that don’t want to choose the box contents each week can pre-set preferences, such as excluding items you would rather not receive, and specifying those items from the farmers market that you’d like to arrive weekly or “every other week” - like milk, honey, meats and pastas. All local and all organic.

+How do I know what produce is offered each week?

Our weekly email goes out on Wednesday showing the fruits and veggies offered for the following week’s delivery. We also include news about your farmers, recipes, produce tips and details on upcoming farm tours.

+What if I want to cancel, pause or just order once?

There is no commitment — you can change or suspend your service to fit your schedule or vacation, and “one time only’ orders are just fine as well.

+How do I get started?

You can check to see if we deliver to your neighborhood by entering your zip code here and then our tutorial will lead you through the simple sign-up process. Specify if you are requesting a home or office delivery. In the sign-up process you’ll be able to create an account, enter your delivery information and select the Box Type, Size and Delivery Frequency that best fits your needs. You can also get started by going directly to our “best of the farmers market” and start adding items to your shopping basket.

+Where does the produce and ‘best of the farmers market” food in

We bring the best mix of local, organic produce that is being harvested each week to your door by partnering with ALBA farmers (Agricultural Land Based Association) and other trusted organic farms in your area. Members are able to view the growing location and ‘meet the farmers’ that grow the produce in their box by logging in to their account online. Bring the kids and come meet the farmers and pick fruits and veggies on farm tours. ALBA has been farming organically since 1986, and currently grow more than 50 types of produce and over 100 varieties on 270 acres on two farms in Monterey County. ALBA’s mission as a non-profit small-farm business incubator is to helping farm workers and other low-income individuals to create their own organic farm businesses. The Salinas farm serves as ALBA headquarters, with a resource center and classroom, a maintenance workshop, a produce cooler, and a distribution facility, and is where beginning farmers learn about organic farming, business planning, and marketing. Typically, more than 16 farmers cultivate over 50 different crops and ALBA helps the farmers establish and transition their small farm businesses to other locations. . During the summer months, over 80% of the produce going into our boxes comes from their farms. Organic produce is first sourced from ALBA, then from neighboring farms, many of which are ALBA graduates, always with an emphasis being placed on regional and local food production.

+Is everything organic?

You can trust that 100% of the produce arriving in your box is certified organic. In addition to ALBA’s organic certification, their produce is grown in a sustainable farming system that nourishes a healthy ecosystem and cares for our environment. The few food products from our ‘best of the farmers market’ store available as ‘add-ons’ that aren’t organic (think uncured bacon, some cheeses) are clearly labeled. Our food products are from small farm and food artisans that care about the environment and from animals that are raised naturally and treated humanely on independent farms and never given antibiotics and eat a vegetarian diet free from GMO’s

+What size box should I order?

We recommend browsing the different box types available on our website to get a sense of our seasonal box contents for each Box Type and Size. While it can be hard to recommend a size as different families have different eating and cooking habits, we often find that a family of 2-4 enjoys the Deluxe size at $33.90 delivered every week or every other week. You can try out a size, and if you need more, simply ‘size up’ for your next delivery, or select additional items from the store and add them ‘one time’ or as a auto-renewal so they arrive weekly or ‘every other week’ with your box.

+When is the cut-off time for making changes to my service / box

As we need time to harvest and prepare for the packing and delivery of your box, we need to receive all changes to your service by noon on the Sunday before your next scheduled delivery day that week. Changes to your service can be easily made in your account online and special requests by contacting us via phone, voice message or email. Subscription customer orders are placed on Wednesday at 3pm, and you have until Sunday at noon to change and add to your order. New customers and ‘one time only’ customers can place their order anytime between Wednesday at 3pm and Sunday noon, and your order will arrive on your delivery day on Monday through Friday of the week following Sunday.

+What if I am allergic or do not like certain items?

You can ask that we exclude certain produce items from your box by logging in to your account online and marking items you would prefer not to receive on the exclusion list?. If an item on your exclusion list is scheduled for your box, we will automatically provide an alternate item, typically substituting a fruit for a fruit and a vegetable for a vegetable.

+What if I receive an item in my delivery that I am not satisfied

As fresh produce is delicate in nature, we do our best to properly pack items for the journey from the farm to your door. If you receive produce that is unsatisfactory in any way, or find an item missing from your order, please contact us immediately and we will make it right. Quality produce and outstanding customer service are of utmost importance to us.