• HopTea - Simcoe City One - dry-hopped with ZERO CALORIES

HopTea - Simcoe City One - dry-hopped with ZERO CALORIES

  • $4.89 16 oz

Allow us to introduce you to The Simcoe City One. We built this epic brew to pay homage to a place where anything is possible using the wonderful Simcoe Hops. This social addition is all about showcasing the the Hops, and a perfectly healthy way to relax after a long day and a refreshing blast to cool off anytime!

Flavor Profile- Pleasant floral aroma. Strong floral/herbal sweetness is brightened up with smooth Simcoe hops goodness; sweet notes of  includes hints of citrus, passion fruit, apricot, and berry. It also has the essence of pine and earthy scents.. One is left with a soft, buttery, hay-like aftertaste as the brighter top notes fall away.


No Caffeine | 0 Calories | 0 Carbs | 0 Sugar | 0.0% ABV

Vegan Certified | Non-GMO | Keto


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