• Smooth Blue Cheese - Extra cream
Daphne's Creamery (local)

Smooth Blue Cheese - Extra cream

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“Smooth” is in the name for a reason. With extra cream added to the recipe it makes this blue smooth, creamy, and divine. The milk hails from cows that have been grazing in the rolling green pastures of Wisconsin neighboring the production facility. The clean pasteurized milk is transformed by the hands and expertise of Master Cheesemakers into a cheese that is aged for a minimum of 4 months. The results are a pleasingly pungent blue cheese that has a silky but crumbly texture. It takes center stage on a cheese board paired with toasted nuts and honey. It blends well in a sauce for a tenderloin or a dressing for a salad. Paired with a Tawny Port or a late harvest dessert wine makes for a standing ovation to any meal.


Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured cow milk, salt, enzymes, penicillium roqueforti.


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Daphne's Creamery (local)

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