Daphne's Creamery (local)

Double Cream Brie - soft ripened

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Daphne’s Creamery Double Cream Brie is a soft-ripened double crème gem made with a centuries old French recipe. “Soft-ripened”, meaning bloomy on the outside from being inoculated with mold which helps break down the fat and proteins to give it its unique flavor and texture. The “double crème” means a little extra cream has been added to give it extra richness. This brie is at its prime when it gives a little to the touch when pinched along its sides. One’s patience and taste buds are rewarded when Daphne’s Brie is allowed to come to room temperature; the mushroomy nutty flavors and the creamy texture are at their best.

Uses & Pairings

Be transported to a French café when you enjoy this brie with a fresh baguette and a glass of rosè. Fresh fruit, toasted nuts and cured meats are also delicious accompaniments.

IngredientsCultured Pasteurized Milk & Cream, Salt, Enzymes. Contains Milk.


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Daphne's Creamery (local)

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