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Quail Eggs

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Raised naturally in beautiful Sebastopol California. Living in open range pastures  this beautiful birds are humanely treated while enjoying comfortable weather.

Why Alchemist Farm quail eggs?

  • We specialize in beautiful heritage and rare poultry. We also have side breeding projects of hybrid birds we tinker with to create fun and unique egg colors to add depth to your daily egg collecting baskets. We offer fertile eggs for hatching as well as chicks of most all of our breeds. We breed for temperament to better each generation of our breeding groups. If a rooster gives us the side eye or makes us uncomfortable while we are in the pasture we pull him from our breeding program immediately.\
  • We are a small family farm team headed up by Franchesca & Ryan Duval along with our two children in Northern California.  We are pioneers of humane breeding and hatching, no male chicks are killed on our farm as they are at large scale hatcheries and all of our breeding groups are free to roam on their separate pastures. We are extremely unique in the chicken breeding world!

All packaging of eggs are now 100% plastic free and come with instructions on how to compost or creatively break down the packaging to keep it out of the landfill. As of January 2020 the farm and hatchery is 100% zero waste and we love educating others on how they can make similar changes to reduce the overall waste we all generate.

These eggs are antibiotic free. 


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