• Goat Chévre - Fancy Food Award Winner
Daphne's Creamery

Goat Chévre - Fancy Food Award Winner

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Goat Chévre - Fancy Food Award Winner 2017

Daphne’s Creamery Fresh Goat Cheese is exceptionally bright and creamy. It is made of milk from a cooperative of sustainable farmers who consistently produce quality hormone-free milk. The pristine white color of the paste is indicative of the clean citrusy taste. The texture makes it versatile; its flavor gives everything a spark.

Recommended Uses:
Daphne’s goat cheese semi-dry texture lends itself to crumbling over a salad or pizza. At room temperature, it easily spreads on a sandwich or crostini. 

Pairs Well With:
A grassy sauvignon blanc or a blond brew.

Pasteurized Goat Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Microbial Rennet. Contains Milk.

Net Wt. 4oz

Fancy Food (SOFI) Award Winner in 2017 for Best New Cheese, Non-Cow!


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