About Us

Welcome to Albert & Eve

When you purchase fruits and veggies from Albert and Eve Organics the dollars you spend go to help local farmer workers learn to start their own organic farm businesses, and to local food artisans in our community. We bring the farm, the dairy, the beekeeper, the butcher, the best of the farmers market directly to your table/doorstep.

Our Promise

We choose the name Albert and Eve Organics to honor two of the founders of modern organic farming, Lord Albert Howard and Lady Eve Balfour. At the turn of the century these pioneers in organic farming understood the need to cultivate ‘living soil’ free of synthetic chemicals and warned us of the “present headlong race towards destruction and the ruin of civilization” that industrial agricultural farming methods were bringing to the world they lived in. Join us on a pathway to bring home their vision.

To advance organic farming in our community, Albert and Eve Organics is proud to be partnered with Agricultural Land Based Association (ALBA), a non-profit small-farm business incubator helping farm workers and other low-income individuals to create their own organic farm businesses. The Salinas farm serves as ALBA headquarters, with a resource center and classroom, a maintenance workshop, a produce cooler, and a distribution facility, and is where beginning farmers learn about organic farming, business planning, and marketing. Typically, more than 16 farmers cultivate over 50 different crops and ALBA helps the farmers establish and transition their small farm businesses to other locations.

By partnering with ALBA, we aim to contribute to a more just and sustainable food system by helping:

  1. small-scale, limited-resource farmers with the distribution of their produce to the larger public
  2. support tomorrow’s organic farmers and pioneers of sustainable agriculture
  3. the enhancement of biological diversity and protection of natural resources – all necessary components of such a food system.

Tour ALBA and meet the farmers: join the Albert and Eve staff on periodic trips to ALBA— only an hour to ninety minutes drive from most Bay Area cities. Bring the kids for an educational and fun tour of the farms, and learn directly from farmers how our food is grown.

Remember, please tell us what you think! info@alberteve.com