Malibu Mylk

Location: Los Angeles, California

Brittany grew up on the beaches of Malibu, eating local produce and appreciating at a very young age that food is fuel. After graduating Georgetown University and Le Cordon Bleu, Brittany trained at the three Michelin- starred Le Bernardin and The Food Network in New York, where she studied the finest techniques in the culinary world.

After dealing with health issues, Brittany went to see a functional medicine doctor, who put her on an auto-immune protocol with which she experienced great results, eg more energy, reduction in symptoms. She eliminated dairy, nuts, gluten and soy from her diet and was searching for a milk alternative, when the idea hit her: "What if I make milk from flaxseed?" Not only was the flax milk allergen-free, but it was a fantastic texture due to the fact that flax is a natural emulsifier. malibu mylk was born! After meeting with local buyers, Brittany launched malibu mylk in grocery stores in the LA area in January of 2019.

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