• Organic Whole Raw Milk - Organic Pastures - half gallon
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Organic Whole Raw Milk - Organic Pastures - half gallon

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Healthy, happy cows produce the healthiest raw milk, and Organic Pastures milk is unprocessed, whole, TESTED, and living, with all of its probiotic bacteria. This milk is NEVER pasteurized (heated), homogenized (crushed), or otherwise altered so it is alive with fully active enzymes, a broad spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, all 22 essential amino acids, 18 good fatty acids, metabolically available vitamins, immunoglobulins, minerals, antioxidants, and CLA.

Organic Pastures produces 100% USDA certified organic, Grade A, raw milk from their grass fed California dairy ensuring super premium quality. 

USDA organic standards require that cows be pasture grazed just four months out of the year. OPDC goes far beyond this standard and grazes their cows on green pastures every day. In addition to green pastures, their cows are fed: a specially formulated organic mineral supplement, free choice salt and trace mineral blocks, high test organic alfalfa, and some sweet organic corn to keep them healthy and strong. A disease free life: a life with optimal health starts with a strong immune system - and raw milk is the finest immune system support food available.


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Organic Whole Raw Milk

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