• Organic Pea Tendrils - bunched
ALBA farmer - Halls Organic Farms

Organic Pea Tendrils - bunched

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These organically grown bunch pea tendrils are harvested by the Marin Roots Farmers and at your table in just 2-4 days. 

Pea tendril blossoms are a staple of Chinese cuisine and are great fresh, in soups and sautéed. Their fresh sweet flavor balances salty cheeses and accentuates the natural sweetness of shellfish. They also lift the earthy quality of hearty root vegetables. Pea tendril blossoms pair with carrots, potatoes, shallots, mushrooms (especially morels), bacon, lobster, cream, mascarpone, ricotta, butter, basil and mint. 


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ALBA farmer - Halls Organic Farms

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