• Organic Mello Yellow Pluots
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Organic Mello Yellow Pluots

  • $5.95 16 oz

Picked from Wingbeats organic orchards when ripe and in season.

Wingbeats Farm is a small family farm using regenerative agriculture, no till farming practices. We farm for our ecosystem, improving the soil while producing the highest quality, most nutrient rich vegetables and fruits for our community as well as our native fauna. We also support our local habitat with plantings of native perennials, trees and annual and perennial flowers to support native beneficial and pollinizing insects. Along with our vegetable starts available in the spring and late summer, our flowers are available both as starts for the gardeners and as cut flowers throughout the growing season. Our family farmers (Bob, Dave, Elaine and Mark) farm all fruits, vegetables, and flowers produced on our farm, from seed to harvest, packing and delivery. We are your farmers and welcome you to our farm.


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