• Organic Bunch Purslane - fresh local harvest
ALBA farmer - Halls Organic Farms

Organic Bunch Purslane - fresh local harvest

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Bunch Purslane is grown and harvested by Halls Organic Farm and other local organic farmers. Though my favorite way to eat them is cooked in that famous pork stew and in vegetable soups, verdolagas are also wonderful in hearty salads. Think watercress, but thicker, crisper, yet more defined and “vegetable” like. They can be prepared just like you would spinach or watercress too. So the options go from soups, casseroles and stews, to salads which can be simply coated with a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice, olive oil and sea salt. You can tuck them into a sandwich and feel like the most interesting sandwich-eating person on your block.
Because studies have shown it to be the richest in omega-3 fatty acids of any leafy green, purslane is increasingly being cultivated in the United States and is often available at farmers’ markets. You may find it under one of its popular nicknames pursley, pigweed or little hogweed.


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Organic Bunch Purslane

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ALBA farmer - Halls Organic Farms

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