• Organic Adzuki Beans - dried - one pound
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Organic Adzuki Beans - dried - one pound

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Organic adzuki beans (also known as Feijao, Aduki, and Azuki), are known for their deep crimson color, modest white stripe, and oval shape. This small bean is often used as an ingredient in sweet confections. The adzuki bean is often boiled with sugar, resulting in a red bean paste - a popular filling and topping in many East Asian sweet pastries. Another known favorite is sweet bean soup, served over shaved ice with "mochi." 

Mountain High Organics mission is to support sustainable farming practices that are healthy for our customers and for the environment. As a leading supplier of certified organic ingredients, we only buy products from farmers who still have a personal connection to their crops and understand that healthy foods can only come from being planted in soil that have no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. By doing so, it ensures that Mountain High Organics has the ability to provide its customers with the highest quality organic ingredients while protecting and seeding sustainable agricultural practices for future generations.


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