Honey Mamas

A place for..
celebration, nourishment, and joy

I started Honey Mama’s fearlessly believing that these delicious and nourishing comfort food treats would offer vibrance, vitality and a delightful sense of wellbeing.

Can a Cocoa Truffle bar that nourishes and delights with every bite really deliver as promised? I think so! We can be transported by a favorite song that makes us want to dance, a love poem that makes our heart beat a little faster, or maybe a beloved face that makes our toes tingle. This is what a moment with a Honey Mama’s bar is all about; a respite, a pure indulgence, joy, and ultimately love.

Gather your dreams and move forward fearlessly, empower your life by choosing what allows you to thrive, and make this world a better place for all. At Honey Mama’s, we’re doing just that, one treat at a time. From our kitchen to your table. 

-Christy Goldsby, Founder