Summerhill Dairy

Summerhill Goat Dairy is committed to the health and well being of our goats. We have been verified as a Certified Humane® dairy and milk plant. This third party verification assures you that our goats are raised and handled right. 

Our beautiful new dairy offers our goats lots of room to engage in their natural behaviors – running, jumping and playing. They love to explore and we are constantly trying to stay ahead of their mischievousness. Our kids are hand raised and individually cared for. They too spend their days free to run and play in social groups. Our large barns open up to the outside, ensuring that our goats always have access to dry shelter as well as the ability to be outside whenever they choose. No matter the weather, our goats are kept comfortable. Each barn has large fans that circulate the air and keep the goats cool in the summer; while the sides of the barn can be closed up to the keep the goats warm and dry in the winter.

What do our goats eat? Although goats are notoriously curious and will try out many tastes and textures (our paperwork, clothing, boots, etc!) they are very picky eaters. Goats are actually browsers, not grazers. Therefore, the majority of their diet consists of high quality non GMO alfalfa or oat hay. We ensure that the rest of their nutritional needs are met by providing a small ration of grain that includes essential nutrients and vitamins. Summerhill Dairy’s goats eat an all vegetarian diet – they are never fed any animal byproducts or soy products.

We understand that many of our customers are concerned about the prevalence of GMO’s in food today. Although our goats’ diet is primarily high-quality non-GMO feed, Summerhill Dairy is not non-GMO verified. But our milk has been tested by an independent lab and no GMO DNA was found in our milk.

Summerhill Dairy has explored and researched organic production. Many of the requirements are cost prohibitive, and we want to ensure that we are making the best decisions for our goats, our customers, and our employees. So at this time we are not certified organic.