Brush Creek Creamery

Just 26 miles from the front doors of the Moscow Food Co-op, down a beautiful, tree-lined dirt road, sits Brush Creek Farms, the umbrella business which houses Brush Creek Creamery. It is on this rural piece of land in Deary, ID that the Salmeri and French families live. But they do not inhabit this land alone. Five Jersey heifers- Butterscotch, Carroty, Brie, Bluebell and Edna, roam on 100 acres of pasture and provide the dairy with enough raw milk to make cheese for our community’s Co-op, restaurants and farmers markets. 

We know that most people can’t name the cows that provide the milk for their cheese, but Brush Creek Creamery does things differently. They fall into the Small-herd Exemption, overseen by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, which means three currently-lactating cows are all they’re allowed to milk. This keeps things simpler. Their cows are milked twice daily by Benny French, age 20, and cheese is produced from raw milk in a 50 gallon vat several times per week.

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